First Nations Art to Fabric Collaboration – Tarrago, Napananka and Ludlows

Chambers’ Avelina Tarrago has collaborated with Ludlows to create a groundbreaking collection of formal legal regalia that features First Nations artwork lining.

In collaboration with Ludlows and First Nations artist, Louise Numina Napananka, Avelina has created formal legal regalia lined with fabric featuring First Nations artwork – the first legal regalia of this kind, worldwide. The collaboration seeks to raise acknowledgment of First Nations culture within the professional network, and to extend engagement opportunities to First Nations professionals within the legal profession.
As a proud Wangkamahdla woman, Avelina wanted to be …“shrouded in culture during formal legal ceremony and to include Culture and Cultural acknowledgement in formal legal settings”.

Avelina chose Louise Numina Napananka’s artwork, specifically selecting the “Water Soakage” motif, due to its profound significance in Aboriginal and First Nations culture. It also holds personal meaning for Avelina, whose middle name, Yuwa, means “first rain of the season”.
A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of each Jacket/Vest with First Nations lining, will be distributed on a quarterly basis by Ludlows, to three established Trusts – Indigenous Barristers’ Trust (Vic), the Indigenous Barristers’ Trust – The Mum Shirl Fund (NSW) and the Mullenjaiwakka Trust (Qld). These Trusts provide support to Indigenous individuals whose primary career goal is coming to the Bar and who have faced socio-economic disadvantages that could hinder their pursuit of a career at the Bar.
Chambers extends congratulations to Avelina and the collaborative team, on this significant and symbolic achievement.
The project aligns with NAIDOC Week 2023, celebrating with the theme “For Our Elders”. To learn more about the project’s origins and collaborators, please refer to  Ludlows’ announcement.

Picture below (L-R): ‘Water Soakage’ Lining on a Ludlows’ Jacket, Aboriginal Artist Louise Numina Napananka and Avelina Tarrago.

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